Georgetown Entrepreneurship MED is an on-campus student organization formed in 2017 with the goal of promoting Healthcare Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Georgetown. We provide educational events to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, promote new startups, and facilitate career networking in the space.

Healthcare is now the largest employer in the United States, and is poised for continued growth as the economy gears up to care for an aging population. Billions of dollars are pouring in to support innovation ranging from novel drugs and medical devices to newer digital health innovations. The DC metro area is a hotbed for healthcare investment, with global pharmaceutical companies, major hospital groups, and a growing biotech ecosystem in surrounding counties. But despite all of this potential, there is no clear leading innovation institution within the region.

Georgetown, as a major academic center in the heart of the nation’s capital, is well placed to become a centerpiece in the DC healthcare innovation space. With a large population of life science students, first class academic faculty, and a vast network of alumni entrepreneurs and contacts, we are uniquely equipped to connect nascent entrepreneurs and innovators with the resources they need to succeed.

The Georgetown Entrepreneurship MED organization aims to help cultivate this untapped energy to produce tangible innovation. As the Georgetown Entrepreneurship MED community grows, we hope to serve as a hub for healthcare innovation, startups, and career connections for both the Georgetown University Community as well as the broader DC Metro area.




Co-Founder & President

Ted Cho

VP of Finance

Tai Mai

VP of Portfolio

Jon Wagner

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Kevin McGowan

VP of Operations

Daniel Chapman

VP of Programs

Elizabeth Dente

Director of Operations

Emilie Melvin

Co-Founder & Entrepreneur in Residence

John Jabara

VP of Strategic Partnerships

Manfred Kubler

VP of Media & Communications

Christina Finn

Director of Portfolio

Kunal Patel

Past Leaders

Caroline DeRosa

Caroline DeRosa

Sharon Kim

Sharon Kim