Kitty Eisele


Emmy Award-winning producer Kitty Eisele is the creator of the forthcoming
podcast series “Demented: What Happens When You Become Your Parents
Parent” (Fall, 2018). As a daughter who is caring for parents through elder years
she is keenly interested in how we support aging Americans and their families,
through medicine, technology and public awareness.

As a writer and editor she spent two decades at NPR, most recently serving as
Supervising Senior Editor of “Morning Edition.” Her work has been recognized
with DuPont, Peabody and James Beard awards. She has deep roots at
Georgetown as well, as an adjunct professor in the undergraduate journalism
program since 1999.

She began her career with Ken Burns, as one of the producers of his landmark
series The Civil War for PBS, for which she received an Emmy. She worked on a
film history of Congress with him, also for PBS, and on biographies and individual documentaries for public television.

A 2014-2015 Nieman Fellow at Harvard University, she is a past fellow of the US
Japan Society and the Salzburg Seminar. Her latest production for Audible is “Jim Wallis in Conversation” a national podcast series about faith and justice, or “the moral thinking behind the headlines.” She has contributed to books, plays, digital series and live audience events on American history and politics, and her
interviews and essays have been appeared on NPR and in the Washington Post.
Running through all her work is the common denominator of sharing lives and
shaping civic culture.