Fireside Chat with Babyscripts

February 7, 2018

Anish Sebastian - Co-Founder & CEO, Babyscripts

Juan Pablo Segura - Co-Founder & President, Babyscripts

During our Fireside Chat with Anish Sebastian and Juan Pablo Segura, the  co-founders of Babyscripts, it became clear why their startup has become such an unstoppable force in the D.C. digital health space. The insights they’ve gathered on their journey of developing Babyscripts into what it is today were invaluable, particularly for the crowd of ambitious medical students looking to have a healthcare startup of their own. Of the many we gleaned from our conversation with Segura and Sebastian, a few stood out. For one, the advice to create natural barriers to entry in your space. For Sebastian and Segura, this included publishing several studies in scientific journals and deciding to sell to providers. Also, they recommended getting feedback in person from users when first growing your company. This can serve as a great way to build a meaningful relationship with your first customers. Lastly, Segura and Sebastian stressed the importance of learning how to adapt or pivot when necessary within the market. They both agreed that product-market fit is a massive bottleneck to scaling a digital health startup. Overall, the night was filled with valuable tips for creating, building, and sustaining a startup in the healthcare innovation space.

Fireside Chat with Babyscripts

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